Company | Vessel Entry Methods

Top Vessel Entry - Example of job layout using top vessel entry method.

Specializing in top vessel entry-Antares RD has the ability to launch our Antares RD ROV using a custom designed launching cart. The customer will set up the scaffolding and a platform area next to the manway. The crane will then lift the ROV and custom launching cart to where Antares RD will deploy the Top Vessel Entry Unit.

Side Vessel Entry - Example of job layout using side vessel entry

Our side vessel entry method allows the ROV to be deployed without breaking the plain of the manway adding additional safety and less risk for our operators..

Internal Floating Roof - Example of Internal Floating Roof job layout using top vessel entry method

Using our Top Vessel Entry Method-Antares RD can clean the top of an Internal floating roof including the pontoons with no manned entry. For cleaning the pontoon we have a custom robotic arm. Go to video to see Robotic arm in action.


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