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Twelve Years ago the first prototype of the Antares RD Robotics System was developed. THe inventor, Richard Starr, had the vision and foresight to see a rapidly growing need for this system in the Petrochemical and Oil industries. The robotic system Mr. Starr invented had its first debut in the military application and later in robotic dredging. Developed with its proprietary spiral propeller and compression hood methodology, this system was ideal for removing material. Various obstacles presented themselves from job to job. The material was different in every vessel and often different materials were present in layers in the same vessel. Added to this was the lack of standards in vellel construction. Not two vessels had the same interior and manway size varied from sixteen to thirty inch diameters.

To overcome these obstacles, Mr. Starr conducted extensive research encompassing the full spectrum of material removal from hazardous and confined spaces. We now have over 35 different models. This research consisted of developing a system and taking it to the field to determine first hand what works and what does not. Many years and countless material removal jobs have made the Antares RD Robotic systems a safe, efficient, effective, and user-friendly system certified by all governing bodies for use in any plant or facility and the only one of its kind in America.


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